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What Is The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is the 2014 Windows and Mac installment of the enormously successful Elder Scrolls series. It was released a few years after the fifth installment, Skyrim. The game was developed over a 7-year period where it was worked and reworked until the designers were happy and it was positioned to gain critical acclaim on release. For the first year, the game operated on a subscription model, until in 2015 it became available at a single flat price.


The game is a sprawling, non-linear story that leads players on a variety of quests through different realms. When players begin, they find themselves in Tamriel, a region that is torn through conflicts from different factions. The imperial throne sits vacant and three mortal groups are fighting over it. Underneath that conflict there is Molag Bal, a daedric prince who is also vying for control of the realm.


As the game begins, you find that you’ve been sacrificed to Molag Bal and have lost your soul. Your primary quest of ESO is to go and get it back. While the main quest should be enough to keep you busy for a while—the game has released new cities, areas, and mission chapters over the years. If you come at it as a relatively new player, you’ll have plenty of content to explore.



What Is ESO Gold

ESO Gold plays a vital role in the game economy, which can be used to purchase potions, a house, new gear, and motifs. You can also use gold to donate to a trader guild, help out friends, and powerlevel jewelcrafting from rings you’ve purchased. You can also buy tons of materials that gold out new gear.


Housing is one of the most expensive things in ESO. You’ll spend millions just purchasing a house and decorating it with the best furniture and patterns. Beyond housing, you’ll also spend a lot of money collecting motifs, which are books that help you craft items in particular styles.


So there will be plenty of times where you’ll find yourself looking to make lots of gold in ESO. Ordinarily, you’ll have to simply quest and grind your way through the game. If you set yourself up with ESO pro, you’ll earn 10% more gold over time. But for many players, this will still be far too slow. That’s why many players choose CICIPLAY to purchase ESO gold.


About CICIPLAY and Why Buy from Us?

We’ve been doing this for many years. It might be your first time ordering ESO gold online but it’s certainly not our first time selling it. Don’t take our word for it. Take the word of thousands of veteran gamers who have found us to be their most reliable source for ESO gold, as well as other gaming services.


Fast Delivery
We keep a good stock of ESO gold on hand so that we can send it quickly after it’s purchased. We deliver most of our ESO gold within 10-30 minutes of when the order is placed.


Professional Service
Our reputation is something we earned from gamers all over the world, over a decade, through our trustworthy systems and professional service. If you have any questions or concerns we have customer representatives online 24/7, every single day.


Fair Prices
We offer a fair price for our ESO gold. But when you buy from us, you get more than a great price—you get trusted service and many years of experience in the industry. We deliver gold face-to-face in the game or mail the gold to you via in-game Mailbox, and both methods are safe for customers.


Refund Guarantee
Sometimes we receive a sudden increase of requests for ESO gold and can’t fill orders as quickly as we normally do. In that case, you can either wait for the gold or contact us for a no-questions-asked refund.


Secure Payment
We respect your payment information and personal data, using only secure payment methods. 



What Can I Do to Receive Gold Safely?

For customers who choose to receive ESO gold via in-game mailbox, please remove your gold from your in-game mailbox as soon as possible after we send it. Use it as quickly because this avoids drawing the attention of ZeniMax (the developer). Also, please be sure not to click the "Return" button on the Mail of the received gold from us.


What Is the Difference Between an UserID and a Character Name in ESO PC Server?

Your in-game UserID is the login name you use to log into the game. Usually you'll see it with an @ in front of it. 


When signing up on The Elder Scrolls Online website, players are asked to create a unique UserID (no two users can have the same UserID). This UserID is the name of the account that will be requested for every connection to the game and website. 


It is also a publicly displayed name that will be visible in-game by friends and guild mates. This allows players with several characters on the same Megaserver to communicate with their friends no matter what character they're using. Additionally, it simplifies the in-game mail system and allows messages to be delivered to all the characters of the account. 


Please note that the in-game systems of The Elder Scrolls Online require players to type a "@" symbol in front of a UserID to distinguish it from character names. 


The Character Name is the name that is proper to individual characters. It is the one that is displayed on the public chat channels. Players who don't know each other well enough will have to use the character names to /whisper each other.


How Long Does the Delivery Take?

We can complete your order within 30 minutes if we have enough Gold/Items in stock. When we are short of Gold/Items, we will try our best to complete your order in several hours. There is a table outlining delivery time for orders during the past 48 hours.


Can I Place a Big Order?

If you need a lot of Gold, we recommend buying it multiple times and place a smaller order each time.

We respect your payment information and personal data, using only secure payment methods. But we also make it easy for you to pay, accepting credit cards, Payssion, Paysafecard, WeChat Pay, and BitCoin.

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