Advanced Gathering Strategies in the New World: A Complete Guide to Boosting Production Output

cici / 196 / 2024-03-13 10:00:02

Enhancing Rare Probability Methods in New World:

  1. 1000 luck equals 1% rarity. Joining a faction can boost luck slightly in their city.

  2. Food can increase luck, with a maximum boost to 2000 luck.

  3. Furniture and undercover trophies can also enhance luck, but currently, upgrading furniture is challenging and costly.

  4. Equipping talismans and tools can boost rare item rates.

Methods to Increase Production Output:

  1. Being in a faction's city can boost production output by 10%.

  2. Character attribute points can increase production by 10%, requiring 250 points in the relevant attribute.

  3. Production boosters, such as perfumes, can enhance output, ranging from 5% to 15% depending on the perfume's level. These are crafted by engineers and are known as "boosters."

Methods to Reduce Item Weight:

  1. Prioritize backpacks with weight-increasing modifiers and those that reduce the weight percentage of specific items. Reaching level 45 unlocks three backpack slots, reducing weight by 30% combined.

  2. Reaching 150 attribute points can reduce weight by 10%.

Methods to Increase Gathering Speed:

  1. As characters level up, they can acquire higher-tier tools. The highest T5 tool requires a character level of 55 and offers a maximum gathering speed of 850.

  2. Reaching attribute points of 50 and 200 can increase gathering speed by 10% each.

  3. Boosting city reputation allows players to select gathering speed enhancements.

Gathering Methods Without Gaining Experience:

  1. Gathering from bushes can yield one wood and has a chance to drop fishing bait, which is currently worth a significant amount.

  2. Picking up rubble also has a chance to drop fishing bait.

  3. Gathering cave nitrates and crafting gunpowder.

skinning knife

Gathering Level-Up Strategies:

Selling a portion of gathered items while keeping the rest in storage is an effective way to rapidly increase character levels, especially if the focus is on earning money.

  1. Early on, gather items, craft some into semi-finished products, and contribute them to the bulletin board. Travel between three starter cities to gather resources and quickly boost town reputation to level 10. This allows for the purchase of the cheapest house, which is discounted for the first house bought. A strategy is to buy the cheapest 15-level house in one city after reaching level 15, discounted to 5000 coins, and then purchase the cheapest non-discounted 5000-coin houses in the other two starter cities.

  2. Houses provide free teleportation, expanded warehouse capacity through furniture, and luck boosts. However, weekly taxes are imposed. More expensive houses offer more storage and shorter teleportation cooldowns. One strategy is to reduce these cooldowns by using mercury, noting that the reduction is based on the character's minimum weight. For example, with a weight of over 1000, only around 40 mercury is needed to cool down, whereas higher weights might require up to 200. Mercury obtained through gathering is sufficient for travel between cities. Being fully loaded allows for convenient bulletin board contributions and profiting from price differences between cities. Using this method, players can level up in approximately two hours after reaching level 40. Later, when economically stable, players can abandon their cheaper houses and purchase newer ones. Essentially, players can level up several times a day. Once semi-finished product levels increase, players can craft items that yield 10,000 experience, rapidly reaching level 45 and equipping three bags to increase weight capacity over 1000.



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