Demon's Souls Remaster Best Builds

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best builds in Demon Souls Remake. Whether you prefer a brute force approach, agile combat, magical prowess, or divine miracles, we have you covered. Read on to discover the top builds and unleash your true potential.


The Strength Build


The Strength Build is all about raw power and devastating melee attacks. Starting with the Knight or Temple Knight class provides a solid foundation. These classes excel in strength-based combat, allowing you to wield heavy weapons with ease. For the best results, choose weapons with high strength scaling, such as the Crushing Battle Axe or Great Sword. These weapons will deliver crushing blows to your enemies, ensuring victory in every encounter. Additionally, equipping heavy armor will provide you with added defense, allowing you to withstand even the toughest of foes. To further enhance your strength, consider using rings like the Ring of Great Strength, which will grant you extra carrying capacity, enabling you to carry more items and gear.


The Dexterity Build


If nimble and precise strikes are your style, the Dexterity Build is perfect for you. This build focuses on agility and swift combat maneuvers. To begin your journey as a dexterity-based warrior, choose the Thief or Wanderer class. These classes specialize in dexterity-based combat, allowing you to strike swiftly and accurately. When selecting weapons for a Dexterity Build, opt for those that scale well with dexterity, such as the Sharp Uchigatana or Compound Longbow. These weapons will maximize your damage output and ensure that your strikes hit their mark. Additionally, consider wearing light armor sets like the Leather Set, which offer increased mobility and agility. To further enhance your dexterity abilities, rings like the Thief's Ring can provide you with stealth capabilities, allowing you to surprise your enemies and strike from the shadows.

The Mage Build


Unleash the power of sorcery with the Mage Build. If you prefer a more magical approach to combat, this build is perfect for you. To embark on your magical journey, choose the Royalty or Magician class. These classes specialize in spellcasting and will provide you with a solid foundation for your magical abilities. Focus on increasing your intelligence and attunement stats, as these will greatly enhance your spellcasting abilities. When it comes to weapons, consider using staffs like the Kris Blade or Insanity Catalyst, as these will amplify your spell damage. To further boost your magical power, equip the Monk's Head Collar, which will increase your magic power. Additionally, rings like the Ring of Magical Sharpness can enhance the effectiveness of your spells, allowing you to unleash devastating magical attacks upon your enemies.


The Faith Build


For those who seek divine miracles and holy wrath, the Faith Build is a wise choice. This build focuses on harnessing the power of faith and utilizing miracles to defeat your enemies. To begin your faith-filled journey, choose the Temple Knight or Priest class. These classes excel in faith-based combat and will provide you with the necessary skills to cast powerful miracles. Increase your faith and attunement stats to unlock a wide range of miracles and enhance their potency. When selecting weapons for a Faith Build, consider using weapons like the Mirdan Hammer or Dragon Long Sword, as these weapons scale well with faith. Additionally, attire like the Saint's Set offers divine protection, allowing you to withstand attacks from evil forces. To further boost your miracle strength, consider equipping rings like the Ring of Devout Prayer, which will enhance the power of your miracles and aid you in vanquishing your foes.

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In this article, we explored the best builds in Demon Souls Remake, including the Strength Build, Dexterity Build, Mage Build, and Faith Build. Each build offers a unique playstyle and requires careful consideration of classes, equipment, spells, and rings. Whether you prefer brute strength, nimble strikes, powerful magic, or divine miracles, there is a build that suits your playstyle. Unlock your full potential and dominate the game with these powerful builds.



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