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Diablo 4's Season 2, aptly named Season of Blood, introduces a critical system called Pacts. These Pacts are vital to unlocking your Vampiric Powers and enhancing your gameplay. This guide will walk you through what Pacts are, how to obtain them, how to use them, and why they are crucial in your battle against the Master and his minions.

The Vampiric Powers system works in conjunction with Pacts and the Potent Blood resource. These three systems are the cornerstone of the Season of Blood. Understanding how they interact is key to mastering the new season.

Key Components:

Vampiric Powers: These are additional skills that complement your regular abilities, increasing your damage output and introducing unique effects.

Pacts: Pacts are values assigned to armor pieces, categorized as Ferocity, Divinity, and Eternity. Each Vampiric Power requires specific combinations of Pacts to activate.

Potent Blood: This resource is acquired by defeating enemy Vampires and is used to unlock and upgrade your Vampiric Powers.


Important Note: Pacts can only be used in Seasonal Realms during the Season of Blood. Characters in the Eternal (Regular) realms will not have access to any of the seasonal content, including Pacts.

While it may seem complex at first, this system is more manageable than it appears:

  1. Unlock Vampiric Powers through gameplay or with Potent Blood.
  2. Equip a Power by placing it in one of the five slots on the Sanguine Circle.
  3. To activate your Powers, equip gear with the required number and type of Pacts.
  4. Pacts can be added to or removed from gear, allowing you to fine-tune your setup.
  5. You can upgrade Vampiric Powers to a maximum level of 3 using Potent Blood.

How Vampiric Pacts Work:

To activate a Vampiric Power, you must meet its Pact requirements. Head, chest, hand, leg, and foot armor pieces available during the Season of Blood will have assigned Pacts. Pacts are identified by a numerical value and an icon representing their type: Ferocity, Divinity, or Eternity.

  • Ferocity
  • Divinity
  • Eternity

The number of Pacts a gear piece can hold depends on the World Tier at which it dropped:

  • World Tiers 1 and 2: A maximum of 3 Pacts per item.
  • World Tier 3: A maximum of 4 Pacts per item.
  • World Tier 4: A maximum of 5 Pacts per item.

There are two levels of Vampiric Powers: Minor and Major. Minor Vampiric Powers require only 1 to 3 Pacts for activation, while Major Vampiric Powers demand 6 Pacts.

For instance, if a Vampiric Power has an activation cost of 2 Ferocity, 2 Divinity, and 2 Eternity, your gear should provide these Pacts to meet the requirements. Each piece of gear indicates the Pact types and values it contributes.

How to Get Pacts:

Gaining access to Pacts is straightforward. Every head, chest, hand, leg, and foot armor piece in the Season of Blood already possesses assigned Pacts. To activate your equipped Vampiric Powers, you need to collect gear with the necessary Pacts combinations.

Additionally, you can acquire standalone Pacts as drops or rewards. These can be added to your gear, ensuring you maximize your gear's Pact limit, which varies based on the World Tier:

  • World Tiers 1 and 2: A maximum of 3 Pacts per item.
  • World Tier 3: A maximum of 4 Pacts per item.
  • World Tier 4: A maximum of 5 Pacts per item.

How to Customize Pacts:

Pacts are flexible and can be added to or removed from gear. When adding a Pact to an item, you will need a standalone Pact consumable. This consumable can be applied to your chosen armor piece, provided it has room for an additional Pact.


If your gear piece does not have sufficient space for a new Pact, you can remove an existing Pact using Cleansing Acid. Each type of Pact has its own Cleansing Acid, and there is a universal version that works on any type of Pact. Cleansing Acid is also a consumable, and you can use it to clear an existing Pact, making room for a new one. You can obtain Pacts and Cleansing Acid by defeating Blood Seekers during Blood Harvest events, receiving them as Season Journey rewards, or finding them in Opulent Coffins and during the new seasonal questline. You can access these items from the Consumables tab in your inventory.



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