New World: Aeternum - Forge Your Legend with Unparalleled Adventures

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Adventurers, are you ready to carve your destiny in the mysterious realm of New World: Aeternum? Set amidst the twilight of the Age of Exploration, this supernatural island holds both riches and peril in equal measure. As you embark on a journey of discovery, seeking rumored riches, be prepared to face the island's enigmatic wrath. Unravel the mysteries of Aeternum, navigate its unique inhabitants, and seize perilous opportunities alongside your comrades.

On October 15, New World: Aeternum will arrive on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, offering an enhanced experience for both PC and console players. This thrilling action RPG includes the base game, the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, and all update content like Brimstone Sands. Additionally, it boasts a revamped storytelling approach with enhanced dialogue, in-game cinematics, and pre-rendered scenes. For the first time, embark on large-scale PvP adventures, challenge yourself in a 10-player raid, or test your skills in new end-game solo trials.


new world aeternum



Your shipwreck was merely the beginning of your journey into the clutches of this island lost to time. Here, death is not the ultimate fate. A far worse sentence awaits — a loss of memory, purpose, and self. Immortality comes with a price, and the mindless hordes possessed by the insatiable evils of the Corrupted accelerate this vicious cycle. It is up to you to uncover an ancient order that once stood against those seduced by whispers of power. Shape your journey as you unravel Aeternum's secrets and thwart the Corrupted before they spread beyond its shores.


new world aeternum



In New World: Aeternum, your character's destiny is in your hands. From their appearance to their weapons, tools, mounts, camp skins, and even emotes, everything is fully customizable. And with the right resources, you can forge an even brighter future. But where do you find these resources?

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Join the ranks of the brave adventurers in New World: Aeternum and forge your legend today! If you want to know more about it, please click here.


new world aeternum



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