Diablo 4 New Legendary Items Acquisition Guide

Rachel / 143 / 2024-05-27 11:09:08

In Diablo 4, many builds and playstyles rely heavily on acquiring legendary items. So, how do you obtain the newly added legendary items in Season 4? Here's a comprehensive guide from the "Game Strategy Group" on how to acquire Diablo 4 S4 new legendary items, aiming to assist you in your journey.


Diablo 4 Gold, Best Way to Get Gold Diablo 4

One of the key factors in acquiring these items is having enough in-game currency, commonly referred to as "Diablo 4 Gold" or "D4 Gold." While there are various methods to earn gold in Diablo 4, farming certain bosses and dungeons are often considered the most efficient.


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Boss Locations and Materials

1. Grigor

  • Location: Hall of the Penitent, beneath Kebedo in the Dry Plains
  • Summon Material: Living Steel (dropped from chests in the Frenzy)
  • Legendary Drops: Ramaladni's Masterwork, Double Strike (new), and more tailored to specific classes.


2. Valshen

  • Location: Malice Crypt next to the Tree of Whispers in Haviz
  • Summon Material: Head, Hand, Heart, Bone (obtained from Tree of Whispers quests)
  • Legendary Drops: Tal Rasha's Ring, Athena's Heirloom, and more.


3. Ice Beast

  • Location: Created through a specific level 31 Nightmare Dungeon
  • Summon Material: Purified Horror (obtained from Nightmare Dungeons above level 30)
  • Legendary Drops: Starfall Helm, Orb of Flame, and more.


4. Dark Lord Zeal

  • Location: Obscure Path above the Tree of Whispers in the Broken Peaks
  • Summon Material: Pure Blood (dropped from world bosses, Frenzy, and Legions)
  • Legendary Drops: Ramaladni's Masterwork, Aryte's Burden (new), and more.


5. Duriel

  • Location: Abyssal Rift in the south of Kehjistan
  • Summon Material: Dropped by Valshen and Grigor
  • Legendary Drops: Warlord's Jaw Helm, Storm Howl (Wolf Helm), and rare legendaries.


6. Andariel

  • Location: Hall of the Hangman above the city of Zabinthet
  • Summon Material: Dropped by Zeal and Ice Beast
  • Legendary Drops: Similar to Duriel, including rare legendaries.


Buying Diablo 4 Items and Gold

For players looking to speed up the process, there are options to "buy D4 gold" or "buy D4 items" from ciciplay sources. However, it's essential to be cautious as buying and selling game items or gold can be risky and may violate the game's terms of service.

If you're considering "buying diablo 4 cheap" or looking for the "cheapest way to buy diablo 4" items, it's crucial to research reliable and trusted sources. Keep in mind that the "d4 a price to pay" should always be weighed against the risk of account suspension or loss.

Remember, while buying and selling items can provide a shortcut, the most rewarding experience in Diablo 4 often comes from the journey itself, farming bosses, and completing dungeons.



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