FF14 Sophia's Assault Strategy Guide

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Looking to take on the challenge of Sophia's Assault in FF14? Here's a comprehensive strategy guide to help you through the raid! Whether you're a first-time raider or have been struggling to overcome Sophia, this guide will point you in the right direction.


Initial Phase

  • Upon starting, Sophia will cast a Thunderbolt attack. The Main Tank (MT) should sidestep or pass through Sophia to avoid it and return to position once the skill is cast.
  • The arena will spawn 4 clones, and Sophia will first link one or two of them to cast Thunderbolt/Stormbolt, then the rest will be linked for a Storm attack. Adjust your positioning based on the number of linked clones.


Disciple Killing Phase

  • When Sophia's health reaches 83%, the disciple killing phase begins. The MT should pull the disciple on the lower right corner, while the Secondary Tank (ST) pulls the disciple on the lower left corner (to a corner). The rest of the team should focus on the disciple under Sophia's head.
  • Kill the disciples in the order of 2 → 3 → 1. When disciple 2 casts Petrify, everyone (including tanks) should face away.
  • After disciple 3 casts its ice circle, it can be pulled back to the center of the arena. Disciple 1 will cast a defensive buff, so wait for it to disappear before attacking again. Disciple 1 will target a player for a charge attack, so the targeted player should get close while others avoid the path.


Blood Transition Phase

  • After killing the disciples, the team should move to the upper right corner (marked A) for the blood transition phase. Pay attention to the balance scales that tilt twice; remain stationary.
  • During the gaps between tilts and skills, you should be able to reach 75% health, marked by Thunderbolt (MT should sidestep to avoid).


Boss Skills Handling

  • When Sophia disappears, a dive attack will occur. Look out for the short sides of the arena and avoid the half where Sophia appears.
  • The Wishful Orb is a full-arena AOE skill, cast 2-3 times consecutively. Healers, be ready to heal.
  • When Sophia is surrounded by green auras, it's a sign of Execution. The MT should activate major mitigation skills, and the ST should taunt to swap tanks when seeing the auras.
  • Punishment and Crime involve black and white circles. One player should stand in each color to avoid a full-party explosion. Typically, the MT stands in front, the ST in the back, healers on the sides, and DPS players should follow macros or use common sense to position.




Closing Remarks

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