Experience Sharing in FC 24 Manager Spectator Mode

cici / 249 / 2024-02-29 12:52:36

Playing in the Manager Spectator Mode of FC 24 can be quite challenging, but with the right strategies and settings, you can make the most of your team's performance. Here are some key tips and insights to help you excel in this mode:

1. Tactical Board Settings:

  • Avoid "godly" tactics from UT mode as EA's AI requires different instructions compared to what a real player would need.
  • To determine the best tactics for the AI, I researched and applied various setups by referencing the AI settings of top clubs using the sofifa website. The most common setups were aggressive pressing defense combined with balanced or controlled offense.
  • Keep the defensive and attacking line widths at 50+ to ensure your team is well-spread out.
  • Choose a tactical style that aligns with your team's abilities and not just a custom one. Your coach's tactical knowledge won't grow, and your players' bonuses will be affected if you don't follow this advice.

fc 24 pm

2. Individual Player Settings:

  • Full-backs should be involved in attacks, with overlapping runs and aggressive defending.
  • For the two central midfielders, one should be set to press higher up the field, while the other stays back to split passing routes and organize defense.
  • Both midfielders should be instructed to cover the wings to compensate for any gaps left by the full-backs or AI errors.
  • The attacking midfielders should be set to free roam, while the wingers should create chances but avoid cutting inside as the AI's decision-making in this regard can be questionable.
  • The strikers' settings should be tailored according to their individual skills and playstyles.

3. Coaching Staff:

  • The star rating of your coaching staff determines how fast your players' ability values improve, and this is fixed and cannot be changed.
  • The silver, gold, and platinum tactical knowledge of your coaching staff affects the on-field bonuses your team receives. As you play more games, this tactical knowledge can increase, even upgrading from copper to gold over time.

4. Training Plans:

  • FC 24's training plans have increased in complexity, requiring frequent adjustments to restore player fitness and sharpness after each game.

Additional Tips for Starting in the English League Two (English Football League's Second Tier):

  • When starting with a limited budget, signing free agents can be a good strategy. However, be aware that many of these players will have national team commitments that can clash with your league fixtures, leading to issues with availability, morale, and even complaints from players about not being allowed to play for their national team.
  • Once you have some funds, consider using the loan-to-buy option for players with a rating below 70. This can be a useful loophole, allowing you to sign players who might otherwise be unwilling to join your club. Even some top-tier players can be loaned and then bought at a later date, sometimes for a significantly reduced fee.

By following these tips and strategies, you should be well on your way to managing a successful team in FC 24 Manager Spectator Mode. Keep in mind, however, that these strategies may need to be adjusted based on game updates and patches.



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