Introduction to the Basic Concepts of ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) Dungeons

Rachel / 253 / 2024-02-28 11:36:23

  1. Dungeon Types and Difficulties: ESO's dungeons are mainly divided into three types: Underground (for 4 players), Arena (for 1 or 4 players), and Trial (for 12 players). Each type comes with three difficulty levels: Normal, Veteran, and HM (Hardcore Mode).

  2. Equipment Quality and Sources:

    • Perfect-quality equipment can be dropped in the Veteran and HM modes of Arenas and Trials. This equipment has an additional attribute compared to regular-quality equipment.
    • Chests are another source of equipment, randomly dropping items for various body parts. However, please note that chests in Veteran difficulty Trials do not drop perfect-quality equipment.
  3. Teamwork and BUFFs: With team support in dungeons, many buffs are usually provided by tanks, healers, or specific classes. Therefore, players should cherish their limited skill slots and not include every buff.

  4. Penetration and Critical Damage:

    • The upper limit for penetration is 18,200.
    • The upper limit for critical damage is 125%.
    • These attributes can be provided by teammates, so it's essential to check their equipment and CP allocations before entering a dungeon to adjust accordingly.
  5. The Importance of Food: Eating appropriate food for one's class is a basic respect in dungeons, especially in Veteran difficulty and above. The attributes provided by food directly affect damage output.

  6. Loot and Specific BOSSes:

    • Usually, only the final BOSS of a dungeon drops jewelry and weapons.
    • Some specially named weapons and jewelry can drop from specific BOSSes, but the set effects are the same.
  7. Dungeon Mechanisms and Plugins: For players unfamiliar with dungeon mechanisms, it's recommended to install plugins for key skill prompts. Understanding dungeon mechanisms and using plugins are crucial for improving team efficiency and avoiding wipeouts.

  8. Role Definition: In dungeons, players should clearly define their roles, such as tank, healer, damage dealer, or support, and fulfill their responsibilities.

  9. Rescue Responsibilities: In Trials, the responsibility of rescuing teammates usually falls on the damage dealers. This means that damage dealers should possess the necessary skills and knowledge for rescue operations.

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Overall, buy eso gold or playing ESO dungeons well requires players to have a deep understanding of the game mechanisms, tight cooperation with teammates, and a clear understanding of their role. Through continuous practice and learning, players can gain more fun and achievements in ESO dungeon challenges.



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