How to Defeat Daichi Saito in the New World Winter Convergence Holiday Task

cici / 1647 / 2023-12-18 16:15:21

As a new player in the game, the New World Winter Convergence Holiday task can be a daunting challenge. One of the most formidable enemies in this task is Daichi Saito, a powerful adversary with unique abilities and strategies. However, with the right approach and some tips, even a rookie can defeat him.

new world Winter Convergence Holiday

Understand Daichi's Abilities and Weaknesses

Before engaging Daichi, it's crucial to understand his abilities and weaknesses. His main attacks typically involve fast-paced combos that can deal significant damage if not blocked or avoided. However, he has a limited range and is vulnerable to attacks from behind or the sides.


Stick to the Sidelines

Daichi is a melee fighter, meaning he prefers to attack close-range targets. By staying on the periphery of his attack range, you can avoid most of his attacks while maintaining a safe distance to launch your own attacks.


Use Distance Weapons

Distance weapons like bows or guns are effective against Daichi because they allow you to attack from a safe distance. Use these weapons to chip away at his health while avoiding his close-range attacks. 


Improve Your Equipments

You can improve all your equipments such as weapons,apparel and so on. These equipments help you a lot and can be found at trading post, if you don't have enough coins, you can buy new world coins on CICIPLAY.COM.


Time Your Attacks

Daichi has a brief moment of vulnerability after each attack, during which he is unable to block or counterattack. Use this opportunity to launch a strong attack that will take him down a notch.


Remember, Daichi Saito is a formidable opponent, but with patience, strategy, and practice, even a rookie can defeat him. Enjoy the challenge and embrace the New World Winter Festival!



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