Unleash the Fury:Top Best Builds in New World coins 2023

cici / 244 / 2023-12-15 23:22:12

Build - New World Axe Build

The First Build Attributes

No matter your starting level, the key to this build is focusing on strength and constitution attributes. Begin by boosting your strength to 200 and investing 100 points in constitution. As you progress, continue pouring points into strength. By level 60 with a gear score of 625, aim for around 300 strength and 200 constitution. The yellow bar indicates level-based attributes, blue represents gear bonuses, and purple signifies the contribution of food buffs. Opt for a medium category gear setup: heavy helmet, heavy chest armor, medium gloves, light pants, and medium boots.

Great Axe Weapon Masteries

For the Great Axe, prioritize unlocking the Maelstrom ability and acquiring three perks. Follow this with unlocking the Gravity Well ability and obtaining two perks. Switch to the other side of the skill tree and choose one perk as indicated. Lastly, unlock the Charge ability and secure three perks. The subsequent perks can be chosen based on personal preference.

War Hammer Weapon Masteries

For the War Hammer, start by unlocking the indicated perk. Follow this by unlocking the Shockwave and Path of Destiny abilities, securing four perks. Move to the opposite side and acquire two perks as shown. Finally, unlock the Wrecking Ball ability and obtain two perks. Subsequent perks can be unlocked in any preferred order.


Great Axe:

  • Maelstrom: A fast spinning attack dealing AoE damage.
  • Gravity Well: Swings the Axe, creating an electric storm that stuns and damages enemies.
  • Charge: A simple mobility spell dashing for 10m, dealing 120% weapon damage.

War Hammer:

  • Shockwave: Slams the Hammer, causing an airquake that damages, staggers, and roots enemies.
  • Path of Destiny: Creates a powerful ground strike dealing significant damage.
  • Wrecking Ball: Strikes the ground with the War Hammer, dealing damage and knocking down enemies.

For both PvE and PvP encounters, initiate with the Great Axe. Cast Gravity Well, dash into the enemy with Charge, and use Maelstrom to pull them back if they attempt to escape. Transition to the War Hammer, unleashing Shockwave and Wrecking Ball, and finishing off your opponent with Path of Destiny.

This build, featuring the Great Axe and War Hammer combination, excels as a high-damage melee Bruiser build, making it a formidable force in the ever-evolving world of New World.

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